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Following the world record $656 million jackpot that brought the USA Mega Millions to global attention back in March, people are clamouring to find out more about the world’s richest weekly lottery and  the first question they always ask is “Can I play?” The simple answer is yes, you can.


While it may only be available officially in the USA, there are numerous ways you can get in on the action the next time there’s a Mega Millions rollover. And history suggests this won’t be too long as the jackpot goes over $100 million three times a year on average.

Look on the internet and it won’t take you long to find a site offering overseas lottery tickets. The way they work is actually very simple – You place your order and an agent in the country where the lottery is sold, the USA in this case, will go out and buy the ticket on your behalf. Responsible operators will then print your name on the ticket, send you a scanned copy via email and let you know when you win.

Some operators, such as, also run online syndicates, giving players a share in a set number of tickets, which means more chance to win the jackpot prize. These might incorporate just one lottery game, such as Mega Millions, or they may combine 2 or more lotteries into a single syndicate.  Either way, it’s a simple way to enhance your winning potential and make your money go further.

Like all lotteries, Mega Millions is a game of chance and there’s no guarantee that you’ll win, but you can enhance your chances. If playing in a syndicate isn’t for you, then always use Quick Picks to select your numbers. This ensures that you have a good spread of numbers, plus you’ll avoid the most obvious selections, such as birthdays and door numbers. This means that if you do hit the jackpot, you should enjoy a larger share.

If you want to play Mega Millions, or any other lottery outside your own country, do your research and choose the right website to play through, then you can sit back and enjoy the experience of playing.

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Mega Millions Maryland Magic

There have been three Mega Millions winners each taking a chunk out of an incredible jackpot of $656 million. All three winners have chosen to remain anonymous, but who’d blame them, that kind of money is bound to get you a lot of attention and not everyone can handle the lime light.

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Just imagine the sorts of amazing opportunities that would arise and not just because of the money, you’ll be in demand for TV interviews, newspaper articles not to mention your friends and neighbours will be banging on the door, ringing the phone and stalking you on Facebook non-stop. Of course this is some people’s idea of hell and some people’s idea of heaven; from here on things get a little bit mystical, you have been warned!

Not too long ago there was a Mega Millions winner from Maryland, Ellwood Bartlett, a self-confessed Wiccan won around $27 million and he certainly didn’t shy away from the lime light. Bartlett has taken part in many interviews and suggests that his winnings might not have been down to pure luck, it turns out Ellwood prayed to his Wiccan gods for his Megamillions winning numbers and well….it worked…perhaps; the jury is still out on that one.  Bartlett is now planning on starting his own seminary school for wiccans and pagans.

Maybe there is some kind of method to the madness, apparently there are spells to grant good luck, one involves having 5 one dollar bills in your wallet along with 5 gem stones, some sea salt and….a bag of stones, why not give it a shot if you have the room in your wallet or don’t mind salty pockets.

So perhaps next time you go to pick your Mega Millions numbers you should consider having a word with a deity of your choosing, maybe have a prayer or burn some incense, surely it’s worth a shot, you might get the Mega Millions results you’re after,  just make sure you don’t accidently send a prayer in Cthulus direction.

If you’re not into all that hocus pocus you could just join one of the many available syndicates on CongaLotto to get a guaranteed increase in the odds of winning, just a thought, saves on the incense too.

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